“I have been a patient of Dr. Michael Boyer’s for twenty-two years. He is very compassionate and caring. He never rushes, and he always listens to your concerns. He is a wonderful doctor, and I have recommended him to many friends and family. His staff is very professional and caring as well.  I not only consider him a fine doctor, but a friend.”


Marci Cottrill


"For many years (I am in my 80's) Dr. Boyer has been my podiatrist. He has successfully treated several of my serious problems including a very complicated surgery for a "hammertoe" and treatment of my infected foot, to name a few. Dr. Boyer used his very latest skills and makes every patient a top priority. He and his caring staff will put you at ease immediately. I am so blessed to have such very special care from very special people."


Loraine Plumley



“In this day and age it is rare to find a physician who is the whole package.....caring, kind, competent, and supportive. From the time a patient walks into your office they see smiling faces, and no matter how bad their problem might be, they soon come to know that you will do everything you possibly can to ensure the best possible outcome for them.   This past month with my hospitalization due to stepping on a nail I have come you know you not only as my doctor, but as my friend.  When I felt down, you lifted me up.  I always knew you were on my side.  Thank you for all that you've done and continue to do.  You're the best!”


Bill McCarter



"I visited Dr. Boyers office with a very painful callus on the bottom of both my feet. He treated my feet painlessly. It’s been a couple of months now and I am still pain free. What a blessing.
Doctor also made me a pair of custom orthotics that I wear in my work shoes and these are also pain free. I was told by friends and family that orthotics hurt your feet pretty bad. I'm here to tell you, the ones he made for me don't hurt a bit. My feet and I are very very happy."


John Pertee



“I have known Dr. Boyer for several years. I worked with individuals with diabetes and provided transportation to and from medical appointments. I saw not only the medical care he provided but also his amazing ability to connect and build a strong and trusting Doctor-patient relationship with people. When I needed podiatric care a few years ago I never considered seeing any other physician besides Dr. Boyer. He has surgically corrected problems caused by ignoring proper care of my feet. He and his entire staff work together as a team to provide the best care possible. I was amazed that he gave me his home phone number after surgery. He encouraged me to call him anytime if the office was closed instead of the usual recording stating office is closed. In my opinion he is the BEST!! You will not find a better doctor, surgeon, or friend.”                                          


Diana Wilson